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Villagers Say Forced To Join Army

Based on tips we got from human rights activists, a colleague and I traveled to a remote village near the Thai border, where villagers told us they had been picked by lottery and forced to join the Cambodian army to defend their home districts in a border dispute with Thailand. Ongoing story. doc

Gov. Blunt sued over canceled contracts

An example of a breaking news story. I currently work as an editor, but one night a writer was needed so I switched hats. This story is about a lawsuit filed against Missouri’s governor. Initially published online and in the paper the next day, my story was the first in the state. AP and competing newspapers picked it up later. doc

Printers cast doubt on voting machines
I broke this story on issues with voting machines in the 2006 primary elections after a follow-up phone call with the Boone County clerk. The Missourian was the first to reveal the problem. doc

Capitola approves watered-down foam ban
Capitola’s foam ban was an ongoing story for about a year when I picked it up from a reporter who had left the paper. I covered the city council meeting where the debated environmental legislation was passed and later followed up to see if businesses were abiding by the new law. doc

For more, see a list of my published articles, or as many as I could still find.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Wednesday, 21 November, 2007 at 20:10

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