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Breakthrough signals future low-cost fuel

The challenge of this story, as in much science reporting, was in understanding the intricate details of the science and in then simplifying it enough for the lay reader. The added difficulty was, I had been a reporter for all of two weeks. doc

Capitola approves watered-down foam ban

Capitola’s foam ban was an ongoing story for about a year when I picked it up from a reporter who had left the paper. I covered the city council meeting where the debated environmental legislation was passed and later followed up to see if businesses were abiding by the new law. doc

Farms feel impact of heat, drought

The drought story is unfortunately becoming a staple of a Midwest reporter’s portfolio. In Missouri, the impact on corn farmers is highest since the crop requires so much water. doc

Bill proposes new statewide energy standards

A story published long before I even took a class on reporting, so maybe still a bit rough, on environmental legislation in the Missouri Senate. doc

Soquel dinosaur hunter digs up a second surprise

There’s a whole range of science reporting. This is in the community feature category, with just enough science to provide context without overwhelming. doc

For more, see a list of my published articles, or as many as I could still find.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Wednesday, 21 November, 2007 at 20:28

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