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Five Ideas

In the fall 2006, I shared the responsibility of an editorial page with two graduate students. Every week, we would summarize five top international, national and local news events and start the conversation with our readers by asking a question about it. The challenge was in summing up complicated international issues in 180 words or less. Below is just one example of the weekly page. doc

World Cup turns expatriate into France fan

This is how far my devotion to the newspaper goes. Minutes after France’s devastating defeat in the 2006 Football (that would be soccer to you) World Cup finale, I was in the newsroom writing down my emotions. A first-person account every once in a while is actually quite fun, despite the circumstances. doc

Ooh la la! Tigers are in la maison

Culture shock is a never-ending source of inspiration for first-person stories. Remind me to tell you about my published rant on U.S. “cuisine.” This one, about my discovering American football, was my first published story after arriving in Missouri in the fall 2005. My love affair with U.S. football was slow developing, but who knew just two years later I’d be jumping up and down at the No. 1 Missouri Tigers? doc

For more, see a list of my published articles, or as many as I could still find.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Wednesday, 21 November, 2007 at 20:29

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