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Got questions for Placebo and other MTV Exit artists?

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On Saturday, I get to interview all the artists of the MTV Exit concert in Angkor Wat: that’s Placebo, The Click Five, Duncan Sheik, Kate Miller-Heidke and Pou Khlaing.

I like to get people’s input when preparing long-standing interviews, so if you have questions for those guys, let me know and I’ll work them in if they fit.

Note: I can think of plenty to ask Placebo, but I frankly don’t know the other guys so well. So do especially share if you’re familiar with Click Five, Duncan Sheik, Kate Miller-Heidke or Pou Khlaing.

Written by Isabelle Roughol

Tuesday, 2 December, 2008 at 22:40

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  1. Bonjour Isabelle,

    In reference to Mr. Duncan Sheik:

    *Ask him how his involvement with the MTV Exit campaign came about?
    *What songs are in his setlist for the said concert? Are they from his record catalogue or his musical theatre albums?
    Just a few that came to mind… However, if you visit his official fansite(above) you’ll get more interesting questions from his fans should you wish to seek their assistance.

    ~Keep us posted~



    Tuesday, 2 December, 2008 at 23:43

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  3. Hi Isabelle,

    Sounds like an amazing concert and quite an opportunity. Should be fun! I have always found Duncan to be really articulate! A few more questions to add to the list:

    What role does he see youth playing in current social issues, such as ending human trafficking?

    How does one move beyond awareness of social ills and become engaged in creating change?

    What role can music play in being a force for change? Why does he think that is possible through music?

    How has his work with Spring Awakening influenced or changed how he sees youth?

    What has surprised him most about the whole Spring Awakening experience?

    Spring Awakening is refreshingly honest and upfront in its portrayal of teenage angst and coming-of-age problems and as such distinctly sets itself apart from the model of competing “Disney-fied” dramas and musicals. Does he feel that this is the best way to speak to the challenges youth face today? Why?

    His own work crosses genre boundaries in interesting and unique ways, how has this expanded the range of his expressive abilities and/or his interactions with others through music?

    How does his Buddhist practice inform his music, work and life?

    Who does he respect in life? How has his life been changed because of their influence?

    What motivates him to write music these days?

    What sort of music is he most interested in writing these days?

    What work of his does he find most meaningful to him personally?

    Where is he going next? What sort of new adventures does he foresee for the future?

    Best of luck! Enjoy!


    Thursday, 4 December, 2008 at 07:29

  4. i don’t want to ask any question. if it’s possible, i want brian molko to know that i can’t live one day without listen to his voice and look at his pictures. from four years until now, it’s been like this. everyday i cry but i know he can’t hear me. i owe him my tears, my obcession and my live. please, don’t ignore. i’m sure you had already loved someone too.


    Thursday, 4 December, 2008 at 19:03

  5. Well, I would like to ask Mr. Brian Molko:

    -How this concert is affecting him and the band musicly and mentally?

    -Are you guys nervous about playing in almost.. a ‘sacred place’?

    -Brian, how do you feel being in a sacred place when you had a couple of troubles with the religion when you were woung?

    -And please, tell them [specially Brian] I’m a huge fan and they and their songs changed my life and the life of miles of thousands of people <3


    Thursday, 4 December, 2008 at 19:32

  6. I’ve got some questions for Brian Molko:

    – Brian, have you written a new song about human trafficking especially for this show?
    – Do you think that, in the future, you’ll write more about social problems ?


    Friday, 5 December, 2008 at 15:38

  7. Hello,

    I don’t know any of the band apart from Placebo.

    I’d like to hear something from the new drummer, Steve, as we haven’t yet.

    Brian mentioned in an interview he wanted to make his fans aware of human trafficking and modern kinds of slavery. I want him to know that many fans are very aware of this and are excited Placebo is willing to take this opportunity and use their famous face for a good cause.

    Last but not least we’re all looking forward to the new album and tour. Can they give any more details about the release date, first single or title or so?

    Could you be so kind to post a link to the interview afterwards?
    Thanks a lot and have fun tonight!


    Saturday, 6 December, 2008 at 03:38

  8. Thank you so much everyone for your answers. I interviewed Placebo this morning. I must first be writing for my newspaper, but I’ll be posting excerpts here soon. Unfortunately, drummer Steve Forest was, as he put it, “sitting this one out,” and even though he was present, he was sitting in the back of the room not answering questions. Brian Molko also told me they do have a release date and name in mind for the album, but wouldn’t disclose it. The best I got is they’re done recording, it’ll be out in the spring and it’s more light-heared than Meds. More details soon.

    Isabelle Roughol

    Saturday, 6 December, 2008 at 04:11

  9. And of course, Duncan Sheik excerpts, as well as from the other, will come as well.

    Isabelle Roughol

    Saturday, 6 December, 2008 at 05:14

  10. […] está disponível ainda, portanto até o momento não há nenhuma novidade no que Brian disse. No site-blog da jornalista cambojana havia um post para as pessoas postarem idéias de perguntas para ajudá-la […]

  11. jinja

    Tuesday, 9 December, 2008 at 04:46

  12. […] and an honor, and I couldn’t resist getting a photo together. (I managed to resist with a room full or rock stars last month so that’s high […]

  13. […] and an honor, and I couldn’t resist getting a photo together. (I managed to resist with a room full or rock stars last month so that’s high […]

  14. […] and an honor, and I couldn’t resist getting a photo together. (I managed to resist with a room full or rock stars last month so that’s high […]

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