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Attenborough retires (I’ve got a good 40 years to go)

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Pardon the interruption. A new issue of ¡Adelante! is hitting the stands in a few hours, so I’ve had a busy week at work. Adelante March 08 cover(See the pretty cover by designer Joanna Bajor.) The unseasonably warm weekend paired with the awesome True/False Film Festival haven’t helped me write either. Coming soon, a chat with infamous journalist Jason Leopold on his new venture, Background Briefing, when I find a second to write it up.

But for now, a video selection in honor of one of my ‘professional crushes,’ Sir David Attenborough, who announced his semi-retirement this weekend. He will still work on projects (like when he narrated Planet Earth) but won’t go on the field anymore. That means no more fighting for territory with giant woodpeckers.

For more interesting but not embeddable videos, check out the BBC Worldwide channel on YouTube.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Monday, 3 March, 2008 at 04:09

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