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A chick makes a good photo

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I wanted to quickly share my fascination for today’s front page above-the-fold photo in the New York Times.

I hadn’t thought of it much at first: why is this a good photo? The pain on the woman’s face is apparent and touching. But I think what did it for me is something I only saw after looking at the photo 3 or 4 times: the chick. Maybe it’s just how mundane this farm animal is next to something as dramatic as cancer. Maybe it’s that the chick can’t be more than a few days old and this woman is dying. Couldn’t tell you why, but I find that the chick makes the photo go from good to mind-blowing.

By the way, the article is pretty fascinating, too, and taught me about an aspect of health disparities I hadn’t even thought of until now.

Photo by Ruth Fremson/The New York Times. Story by Donald G. McNeil Jr.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Monday, 10 September, 2007 at 21:19

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