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Superman and other flying considerations that barely relate to journalism

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My apologies for the hiatus. It took me three days to journey from California to France, via an array of exotic locations, and another day of non-stop sleeping to regain enough brain power to write these lines. Uneventful travels as usual. I was treated to five take-off/landing combos in 48 hours, which, when you have a sinus cold like me, feels like somebody trying to flip your facial bones inside out. My cell phone went missing around gate A21 at STL Lambert International. As I was about to board my Chicago-Philadelphia flight, the toilet started spurting jets of questionable water at unsuspecting passengers and flooded the cockpit. I was rerouted to Frankfurt (what’s seven time zones between friends?) with such a short layover time that I missed my connection to Brussels. I must have “American” etched on my forehead because no one seemed to trust my German in the Frankfurt airport. Even when I asked a question in German, I got a response in English. I don’t know if I should be happy that my English sounds so native, or disappointed that my German clearly doesn’t.

But enough with the commiserating. Here’s a post to put us all in a better mood since Murdoch got its claws into Dow Jones. … Funny, I just naturally used “its” when referring to Murdoch. Lapsus calami.

So speaking of flying and of poor journalistic ethics, I found these when scouring the Internets for design ideas for the new site. You have to appreciate the high standards at the Daily Planet. Here’s misrepresenting yourself to get a story. (Note the great headline writing skills.)

Superman - Impersonating

Here’s pulling a Judith Miller and “becoming the news.”

Superman - Becoming the news

Add to that announcing that you’re going to have a scoop but not publishing it just yet. Fantastic business sense.

Superman - Announcing scoop

The full-page headline always gets people’s attention.

Superman - Full page headline

And finally, for those copy editors out there.

Superman - Copy editing

(I’d give credit to the site I found these on, but I honestly can’t remember where it was.)


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Tuesday, 17 July, 2007 at 16:31

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