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I am not the only geek in the family

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In fact, all Roughols are fairly proud of their geekiness. My two amazing brothers were the ones to really get me into computers and all their wonderful possibilities.

One of them, better known online as Furyo, is quite the game designer. Like me, he believes in learning by doing, so a couple years ago, he started designing a map for Day of Defeat (a WWII mod for Half Life) after the town we lived in at the time, Dijon, just to teach himself. I saw the map when it was just a bunch of gray blocks floating in a sky blue universe. It is now a truly amazing gaming experience and a wonder of design. (Click on the screenshots to better appreciate them.)

Dod Dijon 1

Here’s where you come in. The map is in a contest on If the map is in the top 3 of its category, my brother shares into a $25,000 prize and gets plenty kudos from the profession. Please do me a huge favor and go vote for it. A quick, easy, free registration is needed.

Dod Dijon 2

And if you’re anything of a gamer, check it out.

Dod Dijon 3


Dod Dijon 4


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Friday, 6 July, 2007 at 19:13

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