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Happy iPhone Day everyone! That’s right, I’m an iFan(atic). Had I a car, I would have rushed to the Capitola AT&T store (one of only two stores in the county to sell the iPhone) just to see it. But I haven’t and I am left to stare at my barely one-year-old video iPod, which is suddenly as attractive as Donald Trump on a bad hair day.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I’m glad to see though, all ye faithful, that it barely made a dent in my daily clicks. I was stuck until almost midnight in the Capitola Council chambers for a fascinating, albeit long and confusing, public hearing about banning plastic food packaging. Fascinating, I swear. I’ve reported a year, but, oddly, this was my first meeting coverage. That’s what you get for writing on the religion beat. The debate pitted environmentalists against restaurant and plastic industries. The second I pulled out my notebook, lobbyists jumped at me. No wonder D.C. journalists are accused of canoodling; those people are awfully good. But I stood firmly and wrote a story I’m not half proud of. Anytime I can place “politically correct green hysteria” in a story, I’m happy. I was the only journalist there, which allowed me to write comfortably a few graphs in the morning to post on the Web site. Full story in Saturday’s Sentinel. Monday, I take my first stab (no point intended) at covering a trial, in a sordid case of rape I don’t care to detail here. My editor tells me it should be familiar to me, what with my father being a judge. Fair enough, although the U.S. and French justice systems are as far removed as Garfield and a Chinese desert wildcat. (I picked your curiosity here, didn’t I? Go on, click that link.)

In other J junkie news, take a look on your right to the famous third column I regularly direct you to. I stole a page off someone-I-can’t-remember’s book and created a Full disclosure page where you’ll see all organizations I am or have affiliated with. I’m not above making a mistake, but I try as hard as possible to keep my credibility (that’s all I have to bargain) so I make it a point to disclose all vested interests. Call me out on my crap if I don’t. I’m also exploring the Internets for like-minded J bloggers and will soon come up with a less obvious blogroll.

Last but not least, I will soon be on vacation and take advantage of that time to explore how to develop the J junkie. I’m not too happy with this narrow column for my posts, but believe me, it’s the most acceptable design WordPress had to offer. Since they want to charge me 15 bucks a year to edit the CSS, I figured I might as well get my own domain and stylesheet. Issue: I know no html or other computer language (yet). I am a seriously fast learner though, so lay it on me. I would like a formula that allows me to post as rapidly as on WordPress, and have a look a bit more customized (and less heavy) than, say, iWeb pages. Finally, I am a poor student with more loans than I care to admit, so the free-er, the better. Other improvements would include revamping categories (they’re somewhat funny but not practical), adding some RSS and other gizmos to distract from my lacking content. Please make your suggestions.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Friday, 29 June, 2007 at 23:57

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