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I can’t believe I kept quiet all day

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And here I thought the Sentinel hadn’t made the announcement yet, so I held my fingers all day. I thought it’d probably look bad if the blabbermouth blogger intern found herself quoted on Grade the News or Romanesko in the morning (I may give myself a little too much credit here).
So the news is, the Sentinel is cutting eight full-time positions.
They completely buried the story on C5, a business page lost in the sports section. I looked for the story this morning, expecting some sort of announcement after the depressing staff meeting I attended last night, but you all know I don’t read the sports section. Nor did I expect to find in there a story about the Sentinel laying off one in five newsroom employees by July 1.
More to come tonight because I took plenty of notes during the meeting. They are journalists, and my notebook was in plain view, so no qualms this time.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Friday, 8 June, 2007 at 17:03

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