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Kudos to the Watsonville Police Department

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I was assigned one day last week, some time around 5 p.m., to cover the (sad) story of a woman who was pushed out the window in a domestic dispute. I called Deputy Chief Kim Austin, and not only was she very pleasant and fun, she was also the most helpful cop I have met so far in my young journalistic careeer.
She gave me all the details of the incident, including stuff I really didn’t expect to get in a domestic violence case. Because, let’s face it, I am not very experienced with public safety stories, I had to call her back two or three times, and she was gracious every time. I even called her on her cell as she had already stepped out of the office, and she went back up the stairs, dug up the file, found the information I needed and called me back.
According to fellow reporters here, pretty much every officer in the Watsonville police is that helpful. You may say, “shouldn’t they be?”, but if you’ve had any dealings with law enforcement in Columbia or elsewhere, you know it just doesn’t work that way.
So, going against the tradition of journalists always b*tching about cops, I say “thank you Watsonville police.”
Note: Granted, they needed my help because the suspect was still at large. I’ll tell you how it goes when I cover a story where they don’t need me.


Written by Isabelle Roughol

Wednesday, 6 June, 2007 at 18:04

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